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I am trying to decide if I can cope with the fact that Silverlight does not support printing. One option is to create a ms-word document and then load it into word, so the user can print it.

This also have the advantage that I could use a word document as a template for the output, so letting the user control type faces etc.

How practical is this?

(I don’t know match about Siverlight yet, I am trying to decide if it is an option for the application before I start learning it in detail)

I hope by now that there is a good answer to this question - both when the user has word installed and when they don't. As this question gets lots of view, there is rep to be head by a good answer.

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Just to comment on this. Silverlight 4 supports printing and it also supports COM automation for applications installed locally.

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Three questions with the same answer... I'm doubting my usefulness at this point ;) This product generates a Word doc for Silverlight applications:


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Thanks, I was hoping that by asking 3 questions about different possible solutions I would get more options. –  Ian Ringrose Sep 17 '09 at 8:27
I wish there were more options. This is a huge want for Silverlight v.next and I'm hoping to hear more about printing during PDC. –  James Cadd Sep 17 '09 at 13:59

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