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I am trying to create an Eclipse project from a cloned Git repository I've cloned the repository from here: https://github.com/nazgee/AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension

I have an existing project AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension and I want to create one called AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension-nazgee with the newly cloned repository.

When I try File -> Import -> Projects from Git and I select the new repository, I am unable to. I get this message:

Some or all projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace.

I have the directories:

Then I edit the .project file, changing:
Also edited build.xml, adding -nazgee to project name

With this the error is now:
Invalid project description org.eclipse.egit.ui
Invalid project description org.eclipse.core.resources

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Not a solution, but, going forward, you can clone projects into a specific directory by putting it at the end of the clone command - git clone git@github.com:myproject/physics notPhysics –  Will Jan 15 '13 at 14:54

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I'd do it the other way around: rename your existing project in Eclipse and import the new one as you did.

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That was a good idea, but it doesn't seem to work (surprisingly) I get this error: Invalid project description. C:\Word\eclipse\workspace\AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension-nazgee overlaps the location of another project: 'AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension-nazgee' –  numberwang Jan 15 '13 at 15:42
It imports if I do: File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace –  numberwang Jan 15 '13 at 16:15

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