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So, I am doing an app that should be like this pic:


It has one listview, where user selects the content to be displayed, and a content area that will be animated (slide in/ slide out) when content is selected.

The content area must be dinamically built, its layout changes according to the info contained in a JSON request, it is composed of a giant listview wich each item is one info section (see image).

The problem is animating the content area while heavy view loading is done in UI thread causes a huge lag and flicker in animation and view loading cannot be done in threads other than UI thread.

I tried using AsyncTask in the adapter for some UI loading to be done in background but only the ViewHolder pattern instantiation and findviewById calls could go inside so I didn't get a big perfomance gain. The actual problem is .setText(), .setImageBitmap() calls.

Finally the real question is: What can I do to have better performance in this UI loading in order to have a smooth animation?

Note: Consider the data used to populate the content area is being hardcoded for testing purposes.

EDIT: The code used in my content area adapter:

public class InfoAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Info> {

    private final LayoutInflater layoutInflater;
    private final Typeface typeface;

    public InfoAdapter(final Context context, final List<Info> list) {
        super(context, 0, list);
        this.layoutInflater = LayoutInflater.from(context);
        this.typeface = Typeface.createFromAsset(context.getAssets(), "fonts/"
                + Constants.DEFAULT_FONTNAME);

    public View getView(final int position, final View convertView,
            final ViewGroup parent) {

        View infoView = convertView;

        ViewHolder holder;
        if (infoView == null) {
            infoView = (RelativeLayout) layoutInflater.inflate(getItem(position).getLayout(), null);
            holder = new ViewHolder(
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.highlight_title),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_title),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_extra_info01),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_extra_info02),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_description),
                    (ImageView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_image),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_subtitle),
                    (TextView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_subdescription),
                    (ImageView) infoView.findViewById(R.id.info_subimage));
        } else {
            holder = (ViewHolder) infoView.getTag();

        final String extraInfo01 = String.valueOf((int) (getItem(position).getValue() / 1));
        final String extraInfo02 = String.valueOf((int) ((getItem(position).getValue() % 1) * 100));

        setDataInView(holder.highlight, getItem(position).getFavorite());



        holder.extraInfo02.setText("," + extraInfo02);


        if (holder.image != null) {
            if (getItem(position).getImage() == 0) {
            } else {

        setDataInView(holder.subTitle, getItem(position).getHistoryTitle());
        setDataInView(holder.subDescription, getItem(position).getHistory());

        if (holder.subImage != null) {
            if (getItem(position).getUri() == null) {
            } else {
                final Drawable subDrawable = Drawable.createFromPath(getItem(

        return infoView;

    private void setDataInView(final TextView textView, final String data) {
        if (textView != null) {
            if (data.isEmpty()) {
            } else {

    private static class ViewHolder {
        private final TextView highlight;
        private final TextView title;
        private final TextView extraInfo01;
        private final TextView extraInfo02;
        private final TextView description;
        private final ImageView image;
        private final TextView subTitle;
        private final TextView subDescription;
        private final ImageView subImage;

        public ViewHolder(final TextView highlight, final TextView title,
                final TextView extraInfo01, final TextView extraInfo02,
                final TextView description, final ImageView image,
                final TextView subTitle, final TextView subDescription,
                final ImageView subImage) {
            this.highlight = highlight;
            this.title = title;
            this.extraInfo01 = extraInfo01;
            this.extraInfo02 = extraInfo02;
            this.description = description;
            this.image = image;
            this.subTitle = subTitle;
            this.subDescription = subDescription;
            this.subImage = subImage;


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ListView item clicked. Show progressdialog. Download data via AsyncTaks. Fill layout in main thread. Hide progress dialog. Rollout layout with animation. Reuse views wheneven possible. –  Leonidos Jan 15 '13 at 14:21
Progress dialog + data download item click.. I get it, but the laggy part is filling layout in the main thread, if only I could be notified when listview is done loading I maybe could set gone/visible ... –  Saito Mea Jan 15 '13 at 14:30
hmmm... I can't say what is wrong not seeing your code... do not run long time operations in UI thread and everything should run smooth... –  Leonidos Jan 15 '13 at 15:19
added adapter code in main post –  Saito Mea Jan 15 '13 at 16:46

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I think this line could be a problem:


Check what is written about setImageResource in the documentation:

This does Bitmap reading and decoding on the UI thread, which can cause a latency hiccup. If that's a concern, consider using setImageDrawable(android.graphics.drawable.Drawable) or setImageBitmap(android.graphics.Bitmap) and BitmapFactory instead.

For lazy loading of images you should check this link. You should change declaration public void download(String url, ImageView imageView)


public void download(int id, ImageView imageView)

id is

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I had to refacot a lot of code and didn't have the chance to test what you said here but it seems that that was probably the problem, activating hardware acceleration while animating also helped a lot. –  Saito Mea Jan 30 '13 at 15:16

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