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Can some one help me to solve next problem. I have target MDI application. I inject dll to this app to create attached dialog. This dialog is resource-based. Then I inject dll I create thread, in which I initialize dialog:


After this my dialog become visible and everyting is fine. But this dialog is not MDI child, it's standalone. Can someone tell, how do I can attach dialog (from resources) to become MDI child of MDI parent?

PS: i tried next, but it is not working:


but structure didn't filled

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Don't use DialogBox() if you don't want a dialog, use CreateMDIWindow() instead. Your GetClassInfoEx() makes no sense, a resource identifier is not the same thing as a window class name. Use RegisterClass instead. Getting the handle for the MDI parent window you'll need ought to be a bit difficult. Make all of this first work without injecting a DLL so you'll have some confidence that your code is okay. – Hans Passant Jan 15 '13 at 14:55
@Hans Passant, can do I use CreateMDIWindow() using the resource id of specific dialog (style of mdi is present)? Becouse I created complicated UI of dialog in editor. Now I should take this dialog like template to use CreateDialogIndirectParam() but I dont know how – Mike Frostmen Jan 15 '13 at 15:38

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