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As said, Normal.dotm: Stores formatted AutoCorrect entries, AutoText entries, keyboard shortcuts, menu customizations, custom toolbars, styles, macros.

I am particularly interested in formatted AutoCorrect entries. Lets see as case scenario :

  • I am already having 100's of Autocorrect entries in Normal.dotm System-A and System-B.
  • I want to add all the Autocorrect entries of System-B to System-A.
  • I take/download the Normal.dotm file to System-B, a routine/program in VB/Macro reads AutoCorrect entries from Normal.dotm(from B) and add to Normal.dotm(A).

So in VBA macro we have Application.Autocorrect.Entries to access all Autocorrect entries but how to read it from a file other than default "Normal.dotm"

Any other suggestion to programmatically add/copy formatted auto correct entries between two systems are also welcome

Thanks in advace

EDIT: Useful link(Thanks to James) http://www.word.mvps.org/FAQs/Customization/ExportAutocorrect.htm, its a docx Macro. but fails to restore formatted Tables precisely. e.g a table originally with 5 columns stored/backed up 3 columns(The Macro stores Auto-correct entries in docx file as key-value pair) and then at time of restore it fails.

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Maybe I'm wrong but aren't those settings stored per-user, rather than per template? In any case, what have you tried and have you looked at the code at word.mvps.org/FAQs/Customization/ExportAutocorrect.htm? –  James Snell Jan 16 '13 at 16:22
@JamesSnell I totally agree settings stored per-user, but still there is one Normal.dotm per user and as per Microsoft office people the formatted auto-text entries are captured in it.Thanks but I had tried the mentioned link, its good but for certain tables it fails to restore precisely. I am trying to walk-through the code but as I am not much of VBA guy so getting a hard time. It would be great if someone can throw some suggestion for tools and IDE for "MACRO"(*particularly is it possible to see documentation for a method/object just on mouse hover like we do in eclipse(java Ide)). –  Saurabh Tripathi Jan 17 '13 at 15:44

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