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Possible Duplicate:
How to update and upsert mulitple documents in MongoDB using C# Drivers

This may be a silly question. Actually I am confused with the syntax. An update from shell has this format:


where options are for upsert and multi flags. I can write something like this in the shell and it works:


to mean that find all females ( since multi is true) and in their documents, add the key "Hubby name". If no female is found, don't do anything (since upsert is false).

Now how do I specify this (both the flags) in C# code? I am able to add only one flag in the Update method. The next parameter prompted by intellisence is SafeMode which I am not interested in. Also, what is the default behavior when I don't give any options at all?

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Dear downvoter, if you could so much as sacrifice 2 points of your reputation, you could spend 2 minutes to answer my question:-) If I was not clear, let me try again: I am asking how to specify both the upsert and multi flags in Update method of C#. I am not sure if the question is meaningless in some sense because the equivalent query does exist on the shell. – Aafreen Sheikh Jan 15 '13 at 18:16
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UpdateFlags is an enum in the C# driver that will let you specify both at once. Just like any other flags enum, you do this by bit "or"ing.

var flags = UpdateFlags.Upsert | UpdateFlags.Multi;

You can read the docs on enums here ( paying special attention to the section on Enumeration Types as Bit Flags

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Thanks..this is exactly what I wanted to know :-) – Aafreen Sheikh Jan 16 '13 at 5:18

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