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There is any possibility to store some links to a location from a server in a in a SQL Server 2008 database?

I have some rows in a table and for each of them I have a pdf.

I want to create a column in which to store the link to this PDF which will be placed on a server location.

My question is how could I make this link clickable (active), there is any specific type column for links?

Thank you!

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There's no specific client for SQL Server. The closest to a standard is Management Studio, but it's not really intended to be used for general data entry, editing and viewing (it's intended for administration tasks, ad-hoc queries, etc). So, whilst building a suitable client application, you're free to add whatever features you like for formatting one of your columns. There's nothing built in. – Damien_The_Unbeliever Jan 15 '13 at 15:12
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Not a feature directly in SQL.

On the front end this would be a hypelink.

It depends on the front end

ASP.NET DataGrid:

HyperLinkColumn Class


DataGridHyperlinkColumn Class

In SQL you would just store the link location as a char or varchar.

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In the database, just simply store the URL as a string - varchar(200) or whatever works for you.

Making that URL clickable is the job of a front-end application, e.g. your ASP.NET or PHP or whatever app that displays that data.

This is not something SQL Server should be concerned about -

So no - there is no specific datatype to make a column clickable in SQL Server directly.

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