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I'm learning how to integrate Spring with GWT and RequestFactory by doing this following example. I got a NullPointerException and I don't know why. Can anyone help me?

Here is my code:

public class EmployeeDAO implements IEmployeeDAO {

private EntityManager entity;

public Employee findById(Long id) {
    Query query = entity.createQuery("from Employee where id = :param");
    query.setParameter("param", id);
    return (Employee) query.getSingleResult();

@Transactional(propagation = Propagation.REQUIRED)
public void save(Employee employee) {

public void remove(Employee employee) {

public List<Employee> getAllEmployee() {
    Query query = entity.createQuery("from Employee");
    return query.getResultList();
// ...


@Service(value = IEmployeeDAO.class, locator = DaoLocator.class)
public interface EmployeeRequestContext extends RequestContext {

Request<EmployeeProxy> findById(Long id);

Request<Void> save(EmployeeProxy employee);

Request<Void> remove(EmployeeProxy employee);

Request<List<EmployeeProxy>> getAllEmployee();

Request<EmployeeProxy> findOneByName(String name);



public interface EmployeeProxy extends EntityProxy {

Long getId();

String getName();

String getSurname();

void setId(Long id);

void setName(String name);

void setSurname(String surname);

Long getVersion();

void setVersion(Long version);


The NullPointerException is throw in GWT Entry Point in method:

protected void refresh() {      
    context = createFactory().employeeRequest();
    final EmployeeProxy ep = context.create(EmployeeProxy.class);
    ep.setVersion(new Long(0));
    context.save(ep).fire(new Receiver<Void>() {

        public void onSuccess(Void response) {

        public void onFailure(ServerFailure error) {
            System.out.println("error podczas zapisu");


    context = createFactory().employeeRequest();
    context.getAllEmployee().fire(new Receiver<List<EmployeeProxy>>() {

        public void onSuccess(List<EmployeeProxy> response) {
            System.out.println(" " + response); // NULL

        public void onFailure(ServerFailure error) {


    System.out.println("Bedziemy wyswietlac dane!");

the last one: method which create Factory:

private static EmployeeRequestFactory createFactory() {
    EmployeeRequestFactory factory = GWT.create(EmployeeRequestFactory.class);
    factory.initialize(new SimpleEventBus());
    return factory;

Please help me...

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Please print the stacktrace for the NullPointerException. Only then can we analyze the cause for the exception.

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Probably Autowired doesn't work while I use "mvn gwt:run" command. Is there any solution for replacing Springs Autowired by something else? –  Wojciech Szymski Jan 15 '13 at 16:28
Could you post your web.xml? and the stacktrace? –  David Jan 15 '13 at 17:06

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