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I have to take a lock on one row in a table for read/update. I have written below code but its taking too much time. Please suggest any other method.

DECLARE @v_id_counter NUMERIC;  
DECLARE @v_new_rows NUMERIC;
SET @v_new_rows = 10;   

        SELECT @v_id_counter = id 
        FROM tbl_keys [UPDLOCK  ROWLOCK] with (Xlock) 
        WHERE name='tbl_docs'

        update tbl_keys set id = (@v_id_counter + @v_new_rows ) where name='tbl_docs'        

tbl_keys: It stores the primary keys for many tables & its alternative for sequence

tbl_docs: It is the table where I have to insert N rows

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Why read the value before the update? Just use the value in the update, and you don't need a transaction at all:

DECLARE @v_new_rows NUMERIC;
SET @v_new_rows = 10;   

update tbl_keys set id = id + @v_new_rows where name='tbl_docs'        
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the value is an output parameter – Sebastian Meine Jan 15 '13 at 15:28

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