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<button class="myClass">
<label style="width:500px">This is sample 1</label>
<img class="btnImg" src="images/list_item_arrow.png"/>
font-family:"Arial Black", Gadget, sans-serif;

Label doesn't take width, tht is provided. the requirement is: if button take some width in % or px, we can display image at right end. Thanks in advance

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Its label for a button so I don't think giving width will be useful. You can add text-align:left; to the class ".myClass" and give margin-left to the image, this way you can place your image wherever you want on the right.

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Labels don't belong inside controls. They are intended to label the control. If it's in the control, there is no need to indicate that it is a label,

To answer the question at hand, it is likely not changing in width because labels typically have a default display property of inline. You probably want block or inline-block.

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