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supervise is one of the powerful tool in daemontools, I wonder how to implement it using bash script. Anyone has suggestions? I need help!

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Why not just use supervise (or runit, or supervisor)? – larsks Jan 15 '13 at 16:13

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supervise performs a number of tasks, and interoperates with svscan, svcok, svstat. A fully-featured implementation in bash would be non-trivial, but a daemon-restarting script is a fairly straight-forward task.

DAEMON=/usr/sbin/whatever      # "/bin/sleep" for demo
DAEMON_ARGS="xxx"              # "15" for sleep demo

case "$1" in 
        echo "Starting $DAEMON"
            trap 'logger -i -p "INFO: $DAEMON shutting down..."; exit 1' 1 2 3 15
            logger -i -p "INFO: Starting $DAEMON"
            while : ; do
                $DAEMON $DAEMON_ARGS &
                echo $pid > /var/run/
                wait $pid
                logger -i -p daemon.warn "WARNING: $DAEMON exited, rc=$rc"
                sleep 1  # adjust as required
                logger -i -p daemon.warn "WARNING: Restarting $DAEMON"
        ) &
        echo $! > /var/run/

        echo "Stopping $DAEMON"
        [ -f /var/run/ ] && kill $(</var/run/
        [ -f /var/run/ ] && kill $(</var/run/

The above has pretty much no error handling, doesn't properly do real daemon things like chdir() and close unused FDs, but it does log via logger/syslog so you can see what it's doing. It assumes $DAEMON does not fork into the background itself (as does supervise).

You haven't stated your platform, but if you want something really, really simple, inittab may do the trick, see how to use inittab to auto-restart a PHP programme? for some tips. Otherwise we're veering out of Stack Overflow territory, so check out .

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Thanks for your solution, it is perfect and really simple. I am learning bash scripting right now, This is a practice for job control. What my teacher want me to do is another supervise which can also log how much cpu and memory the daemon uses. – Paul Chan Jan 16 '13 at 6:29

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