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I have a layout that has some control buttons and a custom view (MainView) in the bottom of the HorizontalLayout. The MainView starts a ControllerThread that in turn starts other threads. My goal is to not start the ControllerThread until the screen has been unlocked and the HorizontalLayout is definitely visible to the user.

(henceforth ControllerThread is _ctrlr)

I first naively put the _ctrlr.start() in the MainView's constructor. Then I placed it in onFinishInflation(), but this is called before the screen is unlocked. My last attempt was to place it in onWindowVisibilityChanged() and start the controller if visibility is set to VISIBLE, but even this is called prior to the screen being unlocked. I'm assuming that those functions are called prior to the screen being unlocked, since the _ctrlr is confirmed to be running.

Is there a method available in View's to check if the screen is locked/unlocked? Or do I have to maybe use the KeyguardManager?

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IMO due of MVC you should put the ControllerThread inside the activity that inflates tour MainView. Then you can use the onResume/onPause callbacks to start/stop your thread – Blackbelt Jan 15 '13 at 15:58
When you said the screen is locked, do you mean the user is on lock screen or your view is not visible to the user? – Alex Oliveira Jan 15 '13 at 16:00
the user is on the lock screen – vlad417 Jan 15 '13 at 16:14

Per blackbelt's suggestion, I moved the call to start the thread to the controller by creating a public class in the MainView that will start the controller when it's called. In OnResume of the MainActivity I call:

((MainView) findViewById(R.id.mainView)).startController();

The ControllerThread will now not start until the app is actually pulled up in the emulator after you unlock the screen.

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