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I would like to load a model using three.js and then apply a transformation matrix on top of it. This is the code I am using:

var loader = new THREE.OBJMTLLoader();
loader.addEventListener('load', function (event)
    var object = event.content;
    object.matrixAutoUpdate = false;
    useWorker: true

// should check if ".mtl" file exists but there is no access to the filesystem
loader.load(dir_file_name + ".obj", dir_file_name + ".mtl");

and these are the contents of the object_accumulated_matrix variable:

({elements:{0:1, 1:0, 2:0, 3:0, 4:0, 5:1, 6:0, 7:322, 8:0, 9:0, 10:1, 11:0, 12:0, 13:0, 14:0, 15:1}})

There is a 322 translation value on the Y-axis but I can not seem to get it to work. I have also tried:


but that did not work either.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Your object_accumulated_matrix is transposed.

You can also try

object.geometry.applyMatrix( object_accumulated_matrix );

which will modify the geometry itself.

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I would have never thought that it is transposed as it is the result of a matrix.compose(transl, rot, scale) and I assumed this operation creates the matrices as required. – gaitat Jan 16 '13 at 7:38
Also can you elaborate more on the difference between object.applyMatrix and object.geometry.applyMatrix. It is not very clear from the documentation. – gaitat Jan 16 '13 at 7:40
And what does object.matrix do? Sorry for the many edits. – gaitat Jan 16 '13 at 7:50
The translation component of the matrix is in the right-hand column. object.applyMatrix sets the object's position, rotation, and scale vectors; geometry.applyMatrix transforms the geometry vertices. object.matrix is the object's transformation matrix. Please remember to "accept" answers by clicking on the check mark. If you have other questions, please make a new post. – WestLangley Jan 16 '13 at 16:11
I accepted the answer as it did work. – gaitat Jan 16 '13 at 16:16

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