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I'm trying to write a macro that will allow me to surround currently highlighted lines of text with an #ifdef. Ideally with the cursor placed after the #ifdef to be ready to enter the macro name. I'm able to record to create a macro, but I'm only able to do it for one line of code.


    bool first_selected_line = false;
    int second_selected_line = 0;


#ifdef // if possible, cursor placed here in insert mode
    bool first_selected_line = false;
    int second_selected_line = 0;
    bool first_selected_line = false;
    int second_selected_line = 0;

Any ideas?

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You could do something along the lines of:



  • Start recording qj
  • Delete what you selected and go into insertmode c
  • Type your construct, pasting your code back as necessary
  • You put a mark (ma) just after typing #ifdef and jump back to it at the end
  • Repeat the macro with @j

Hope this example helps!

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I would probably use snipmate or some other plugin to accomplish this task. There are couple ways to go about it manually though. Here's my solution for a macro:

Visually select the text then...


You also don't have to visually select the text at all if you don't want to. Use the same macro but start with qqcj instead.

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