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We want a system to define tests, non-automated UI testing, which will be used by our Q/A folks to test our software. We need to outline areas that need to be tested and then allowing them to go to the end of the list and mark there pass/fail and any comments such as notating the failure, error messages, etc.

Any recommendations for a product that does this effectively?

Thank you.

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Excel just works I guess. – Ajay George Jan 15 '13 at 16:20
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Might be more than you are looking for, however Microsoft Test Manager does everything you are talking about and tons more. It also integrates very nicely into TFS as far as reporting goes.

Excel works really well too.

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There a number of good systems out there that will help you manage your manual tests and allow your testers to report on their steps (pass/failed/etc). You can use excel or even word, but then you will not be able to manage the process and you will not really gain much on a process where testers simply "remember what they tested".

I work for a company that develops one of these Test Management systems, PractiTest.

What sets our product apart is that we help the team manage their process and make smarter use of their tests (reusing them, automatically reporting issues and generating graphs, etc) but without the extreme overhead of the more "enterprise solutions".

We also integrate with Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla and other bug tracking systems so you are able to link between the failed tests and the bugs, and have more visibility into the status of the product.

PractiTest is also SaaS so users don't need to install or configure anything, we handle all that fuss for them.

As I said, there are also other products that like PractiTest can give you a better solution than excel, work or informal wikis. You can google for them too.

Hope this helps!


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