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I created my first windows mobile 6.5 app recently and my client tells me the app doesn't appear in the task manager. What could be the possible causes for this problem?

  • I checked google, nothing
  • I posted on MSDN forums, no answers
  • I checked all properties of the main form, i have control box, minimize box, maximize box turned on, the form is never closed...


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Did you read this and does it help? Essentially: Does the form have a Caption text assigned? If not, it will not show up in the task manager.

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This is most probably the problem as the form doesn't have a caption, i don't have the device right now, my boss needs it to discuss with the client but i'll test it ASAP and flag you if you got it –  Mathieu Dumoulin Jan 15 '13 at 16:40

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