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I'm running into all sorts of errors when following the official celery guide for django projects. Before going into more detail of the errors I encountered I would like to be clear on the following issues:

  1. Do you only need to install django-celery or do you need to install celery as well? This official guide does not mention you should. I have read guides installing both and other not mentioning installing plain celery at all.
  2. I am using sqlite3 as my database in my development environment, can you use an sqlite3 database with celery as a broker? The last person in this thread seems to hint it's not possible.

I am using django1.4 and django-celery 3.0.11

Btw the latest of a series of errors I an into is DatabaseError: no such table: djkombu_queue

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  1. Running pip install django-celery will install celery as well.

  2. I uninstalled south and dropped the table south_migrationhistory. Then reran syncdb and everything worked as in the documentation. I don't know exactly why this was causing an error though. So the answer to the second question is yes, Sqlite3 is able to work as a broker for celery.

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