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I have a table like this:

sport    personId
1        1
1        2
1        3
2        1
2        4
2        6
3        1
3        3
3        6

I would like to get a table with the count of the intersection of sports - something equivalent of the pseudo-code:

for sport1 in sports:
   for sport2 in sports:
       X[sport1,sport2] = count(intersect(sport1,sport2))

I know I to do it if I have only couple of sports:

select count(*) from (select * from table where sport = sport1) t1 join (select count(*) from table where sport = sport2) t2 on t1.personId = t2.personId;

But I would like to do generate a table for all my sports.

Note that I am on Hive 0.9, that doesn't support cross join.


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You want a table that, for each pair of sports, lists the number of people who play both sports?

If so, you could do that in streaming hadoop and python:

  • Sort by personId
  • Pass sport, personId into Python
  • Cache the personId, and add all the sports to a list
  • Upon getting a different personId, do this:


for i, sport1 in enumerate(sports):
    for sport2 in sports[i:]:
        print '\t'.join([sport1, sport2, '1'])

Then select sport1, sport2, count(*) as c group by sport1, sport2 from the intermediate table output from the streaming job.

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Yes, I did the double group by and it did the trick, although it didn't output a table. I'll investigate the python reducer later. –  S4M Jan 26 '13 at 22:04

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