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Shoes wraps it's own Ruby install, right?

I can't use Fiber which is a Ruby1.9 feature. And, I want to use a Fiber for creating a generator.

Here's my code (so you can make sure the problem isn't with my code):

class BrownianGenerator
  def initialize
    @x = 0
    @fiber = do
      loop do 
        @x = @x+rand; 
        Fiber.yield @x
  def next; @fiber.resume end
  def rewind; @x=0 end

and if I made a shoes app like this: do
  @b =

if I pull up the shoes console, I see the error:

uninitialized constant #<class:0xblah>::BrownianGenerator::Fiber

Since, it's saying Fiber is an uninitialized constant, either something is wrong with my code or this Ruby version doesn't know about the Fiber class - the latter should be the case.

I saw this question on determining the version of Ruby (which is 1.8 for my mac install), but I don't know how I would change the version.

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or you could use aman gupta's "poor man's fibers" or try doing ::Fiber or what not. GL! -r

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Check out Green Shoes.

It's functionality is based off of _why's original implementation, but it's packaged as a Gem and built specifically for 1.9.

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So I jumped into freenode #shoes and found out that the nightly build of shoes is using Ruby1.9. I haven't had time to try building it yet, but that should solve my problem.

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