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I have a few shader scripts written in ARB which are supposed to be used with OpenGL ES 2.0. Now I have to port the app to browsers and I am looking into using WebGL. WebGL does not accept precompiled scripts. So I am looking for the easiest way to reuse the ARB scripts. I am wondering if it is possible to embed ARB snippets in GLSL the same way we can embed assembly in C. As you might have guessed from my question, I am a GL noob. Does my question even make sense? Is there any way at all to get WebGL programs to accept ARB scripts?

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You don't. GLSL does not use or interact with "ARB" in any way, shape, or form. Also, WebGL has no access to ARB assembly; it is only used by desktop OpenGL.

The way to use them is to rewrite them in GLSL.

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