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I am working on a excel-based model where I require a message box to pop-up up if a desired condition is met (which in my case is "project complete"). I want to track any change in value of a desired cell (which is project_status) and if it changes to the required value (project complete), there should be a message box display notifying it.

For example, if the value of cell A1 is changed from incomplete to complete (or 0 to 1, via a formula), then it should display a message of something like "Congratulations!"

Few complications:

1) When the required value (project complete) is achieved in cell A1 for the first time, then only it should show the message. I do not want the excel to display the message again when I open the file next time. Only instances of first change are to be reported

2) Similar macros are to be run across multiple sheets. Each sheet will capture progress status of different projects. If status of sheet 5 is changed to complete, then display the message. And when status on any other sheet is changed, then the message should be displayed. So would I have to copy code the code across all worksheets?

I hope I made my query clear. Many thanks in advance for help!


-someone completely unknown to VBA codes

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This should get you started stackoverflow.com/questions/11406628/… –  Siddharth Rout Jan 15 '13 at 17:23
It's literally hard to find a vba code without a if else and a msgbox :D so you should get lucky when searching in the vba and excel-vba tags :) +1 for the Siddharth's post. –  bonCodigo Jan 15 '13 at 17:25

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