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I using Drupal Managing News Attribution 6.0 / 1.2 Users can search a word and after users can save this search word. But all users can see this saved searchs.

I want to show only users own saved searchs. Example Only My SAved Searchs... I tried add argument but cant.

How can i make this?

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You haven't specified the version as well as what module you are using to achieve but I think this module works great for saved search -


And you will have to set the permission like which search is accessible by whom and you will surely achieve what you are looking for...

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Hi. Its working fine. Thanks. I have mn_news view and this view included more view Defaults Page: Feeds Block: Trend graph Block: Map Page: Search RSS Feed Mode: List Mode: Map OpenLayers Data (Fullscreen) OpenLayers Data (Block) Mode: Trash Mode: Trash (Search) Block: News KML Feed Module was added all views. But I want to add to only Page: Search. I must disable other sub views. I tried css display: none but dont worked. How can i disable for other subviews without Page: Search? – Murat Ilgım Jan 16 '13 at 14:28

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