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I would like to change wiki syntax to html using these techniques mentioned here.


Here is the source code of my php page which seems to work fine. You may try yourself like this:


if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC',realpath(dirname(__FILE__)).'/');

//import variables
$QUERY = trim($_REQUEST['id']);
$ID = getID();

$REV = $_REQUEST['rev'];
$HIGH = $_REQUEST['s'];
if(empty($HIGH)) $HIGH = getGoogleQuery();

//sanitize revision
$REV = preg_replace('/[^0-9]/','',$REV);

$html = p_wiki_xhtml($ID,$REV,true);
$html = addslashes($html);
$html = ereg_replace("\n", '\n'."\\\n", $html);
$html = str_replace("</a>", "</a> ", $html);

echo ('var zoomy = "'.$html.'";');
echo ("document.write(zoomy);");

$url = "http://www.temelelektronik.net/wiki/" . str_replace(':', '/', $_REQUEST['id']);
$footer = '<hr /><br /><em>This page was autogenerated from
<a href=\"'.$url.'\" target=\"_blank\">' . $url . '</a> <br />Please edit the wiki to contribute any updates or corrections.</em>';

$footer = '"' . $footer . '"';
echo ('document.write('. $footer . ')');

But when I add this Javascript code to a blank html page I see nothing. Here is the HTML file.

<script language="Javascript" src="/show.php?id=test"></script>

As you'd see it shows nothing.


How can I solve this issue? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks..

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Because you supplied the wrong URL?



<script language="Javascript" src="/show.php?id=test"></script>

Apparently it should be /wiki/show.php?id=test

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I don't think so but apparently the only problem was naming pages without .html extension. Finally it works :) Thanks –  Erdem Jan 15 '13 at 19:11
No the problem was not related to naming wiki pages without .html extension. After putting the .html files to the root directory the problem resolved. (Before I used to upload files to the /wiki directory instead of root directory) Anyway thanks. –  Erdem Jan 15 '13 at 19:56

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