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To display license plates in Arabic, I wish to have each letter displayed without joining adjacent characters.

Is it possible to display Arabic text as separate characters, without the cursive script?

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Unless you're doing it for a really good reason, please don't do it. I'm a native Arabic speaker and only see separate Arabic letters in: a) buggy OS and programs like Android early versions and Adobe Flash b) Elementary school for learning. Please please please don't do it, it is annoying it makes the text unreadable! – OmarIthawi Jun 1 at 13:16
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There are unique isolated Arabic UTF-8 characters just for this type of purpose.

It's all explained in this Wikipedia page.

(sorry, it pasted in as a bit of a mess)

A demonstration for the basic alphabet used in Modern Standard Arabic:

General Unicode Contextual forms Name Isolated End Middle Beginning 0623 أ‎ FE83 أ‎ FE84 ـأ‎ ʾalif 0628 ب‎ FE8F ﺏ‎ FE90 ـب‎ FE92 ـبـ‎ FE91 بـ‎ bāʾ 062A ت‎ FE95 ﺕ‎ FE96 ـت‎ FE98 ـتـ‎ FE97 تـ‎ tāʾ 062B ث‎ FE99 ﺙ‎ FE9A ـث‎ FE9C ـثـ‎ FE9B ثـ‎ ṯāʾ 062C ج‎ FE9D ﺝ‎ FE9E ـج‎ FEA0 ـجـ‎ FE9F جـ‎ ǧīm 062D ح‎ FEA1 ﺡ‎ FEA2 ـح‎ FEA4 ـحـ‎ FEA3 حـ‎ ḥāʾ 062E خ‎ FEA5 ﺥ‎ FEA6 ـخ‎ FEA8 ـخـ‎ FEA7 خـ‎ ḫāʾ 062F د‎ FEA9 ﺩ‎ FEAA ـد‎ dāl 0630 ذ‎ FEAB ﺫ‎ FEAC ـذ‎ ḏāl 0631 ر‎ FEAD ﺭ‎ FEAE ـر‎ rāʾ 0632 ز‎ FEAF ﺯ‎ FEB0 ـز‎ zayn/zāy 0633 س‎ FEB1 ﺱ‎ FEB2 ـس‎ FEB4 ـسـ‎ FEB3 سـ‎ sīn 0634 ش‎ FEB5 ﺵ‎ FEB6 ـش‎ FEB8 ـشـ‎ FEB7 شـ‎ šīn 0635 ص‎ FEB9 ﺹ‎ FEBA ـص‎ FEBC ـصـ‎ FEBB صـ‎ ṣād 0636 ض‎ FEBD ﺽ‎ FEBE ـض‎ FEC0 ـضـ‎ FEBF ضـ‎ ḍād 0637 ط‎ FEC1 ﻁ‎ FEC2 ـط‎ FEC4 ـطـ‎ FEC3 طـ‎ ṭāʾ 0638 ظ‎ FEC5 ﻅ‎ FEC6 ـظ‎ FEC8 ـظـ‎ FEC7 ظـ‎ ẓāʾ 0639 ع‎ FEC9 ﻉ‎ FECA ـع‎ FECC ـعـ‎ FECB عـ‎ ʿayn 063A غ‎ FECD ﻍ‎ FECE ـغ‎ FED0 ـغـ‎ FECF غـ‎ ġayn 0641 ف‎ FED1 ف‎ FED2 ـف‎ FED4 ـفـ‎ FED3 فـ‎ fāʾ 0642 ق‎ FED5 ﻕ‎ FED6 ـق‎ FED8 ـقـ‎ FED7 قـ‎ qāf 0643 ك‎ FED9 ﻙ‎ FEDA ـك‎ FEDC ـكـ‎ FEDB كـ‎ kāf 0644 ل‎ FEDD ﻝ‎ FEDE ـل‎ FEE0 ـلـ‎ FEDF لـ‎ lām 0645 م‎ FEE1 ﻡ‎ FEE2 ـم‎ FEE4 ـمـ‎ FEE3 مـ‎ mīm 0646 ن‎ FEE5 ن‎ FEE6 ـن‎ FEE8 ـنـ‎ FEE7 نـ‎ nūn 0647 ﻫ‎ FEE9 ﻩ‎ FEEA ـه‎ FEEC ـهـ‎ FEEB هـ‎ hāʾ 0648 و‎ FEED ﻭ‎ FEEE ـو‎ wāw 064A ي‎ FEF1 ﻱ‎ FEF2 ـي‎ FEF4 ـيـ‎ FEF3 يـ‎ yāʾ 0622 آ‎ FE81 ﺁ‎ FE82 ـآ‎ ʾalif maddah 0629 ة‎ FE93 ﺓ‎ FE94 ـة‎ — — Tāʾ marbūṭah 0649 ى‎ FEEF ﻯ‎ FEF0 ـى‎ — — ʾalif maqṣūrah [edit]

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Thanks! I also discovered that it's possible to use a zero-width-non-joiner character (eg, "‌" in HTML) between each Arabic character. The use of Isolated characters as described in your answer is the best solution. – Ian Jan 15 '13 at 18:01
...and I don't even know Arabic. I built a multilingual site that used it once. Ah, the stuff that accumulates in the brain-pile. – Diodeus Jan 15 '13 at 18:05

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