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I have a model defined something like the following:

<filter-def name="HasAccess">
    <filter-param name="orgId" type="System.Guid"/>

<class name="Contact" table="Contact" >
    <id name="Id" column="ContactId">
        <generator class="guid"></generator>
    <property name="FirstName"></property>
    <property name="LastName"></property>
    <property name="OrganizationId"></property>
    <filter name="HasAccess"
            condition="OrganizationId in (SELECT * FROM [fn_Get_Organization_Search_Tree](:orgId))"/>

My Contact class has several collections which are lazy loaded (not shown). I have just started to introduce the idea of the filter as way to scope a user's data access to one or more organizations based on our membership model. In my data access class I was doing the following:

public IList<Contact> GetByOrganizationId(Guid orgId, string searchString)
    CurrentSession.EnableFilter("HasAccess").SetParameter("orgId", orgId);
    var crit = createCriteria(orgId, ref searchString);

    var list = crit.List<Contact>();
    return list;

What I noticed is that if I leave the filter on, it would be added to other queries where it would change the expected result (In cases where Contact has a relationship with another object).

So I turn it on and off when I need it, what I noticed is that if I access my lazy loaded parameters, I would get an error saying filter HasAccess is disabled, (Or in some cases I'd get other lower exceptions).

For now I've disabled lazy loading. Anyone have any information on this?

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