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Context: Google App Engine / Java

I only want to know a question. If I have a class like this:

public class Example { ArrayList vector;

public Example singleton = new Example();

private Example()
    //Read data from BD and fill the vector. Example vector:  ["foo","voo","faa","vuu","vee"]

public synchronized removeElement()

public synchronized changeElement()


if there are multiple instances running and one of them executes the method removeElement? What happens with the values ​​of the other instance? And if one of them executes the method changeElement?

Thanks a lot.

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GAE can have multiple JVM instances running in parallel, so updating value in memory will only be visible on that instance.

You should use shared data storage: either memcache (free, fast, but volatile) or datastore (costly, slower, but consistent).

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App Engine Instances run on separate JVMs, so they will each have separate instances of 'vector' in memory. To synchronize state across these, you'll need to use a shared-state service, like datastore or memcache.

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