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When I fired up Visual Studio this morning, it informed me of a couple of updates to install: the VS feedback tool, and SQLite. I installed both, and restarted VS 2012.

But then a "funny" thing happened on the way to compilation of my project: With "SQLite for Windows Runtime" still referenced in my project, I got an err msg that SQLite was not installed. Okay, so I removed it from the references, and added a reference to "SQLite for Windows Runtime"

Yet, I still got that same err msg after that. What??? So I removed, adding no reference back, and now my project compiles. But my project does use SQLite - how is that happening?

In my Reference Manager list, three "SQLite for Windows Runtime" versions are available:

In the immortal words of Vince Lombardi, "What in tarnation is going on here?!?"

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The problem was that the latest SQLite version installed is, and I was trying to reference, which no longer exists on my machine. Once I got the latest from the "Extensions" tab of the References (instead of trying to select the penultimate version from the "Recent" tab), it compiled fine.

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