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Within a Silverlight library, I need to validate incoming XML against a schema. The schema is composed of 5 interdependent .xsd files; the main file uses "xs:import" to reference all of the others, and there are other references among them.

Assuming that the .xsd files need to be distributed with the library (i.e. not hosted on some well-known external URL), how should I structure my project to include them?

I have found that I can embed them in the library project with build type "Resource" and then load them (individually) using Application.GetResourceStream() and a relative URI with the ";content" flag in it. But if I take this approach, can I validate against the interdependent set of 5 files? What happens when the schema parser tries to resolve the interdependencies?

Or should I embed them with build type "Content" and access the main one with some other sort of URL?


To summarize: how should I use these 5 .xsd files in my project so that I will be able to validate XML against them?

EDIT: It's not clear whether it's even possible to validate in Silverlight. I spun off a related question.

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I cannot say much about Silverlight limitations with respect to validation, but the question itself is more generic - one might want to store .xsd files as resources in a desktop .NET application, for example - so I will answer that part.

You can have full control over resolution of URIs in xs:import by means of XmlSchemaSet.XmlResolver property. Just create your own subclass of XmlResolver, override GetEntity() method, and implement it using GetResourceStream(), or GetManifestResourceStream(), or whichever other way you prefer.

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That's neat - thank you! –  Eric Sep 16 '09 at 20:27

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