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I am adding deep linking to a mixed Flex4/Struts application.

1) Is there anything new in Flex4 regarding deep linking? If I remember correctly, standard Flex3 deep linking was cumbersome and did not always work in all browsers on all platforms. Is it still the case? So is SWFAddress still the one most people use for DL?

2) Can I avoid using "#" when working with SWFAddress? That would be very useful for me to use "?" since I might need to blend it with Struts.

3) In case I need to pass parameters via a link from Flex to Struts or vice versa, is it even possible? Say, I need to forward to specific tab and populate some values on that page (and optionally submit). Can it at least work in Flex-to-Flex case?

Any code samples?

Please advise.

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