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The @Query annotation makes it possible to specify a MongoDB query for a particular method. An example might be @Query("{ 'firstname' : ?0 }"). But what should the parameter to @Query be if I just want to find all documents without specifying a "where" clause? The code below illustrates what I'm trying to achieve but perhaps the question is simply: what is the JSON/BSON query to fetch all documents?

public interface QuoteRepository {

    public QuoteProvider findByName(String name);

    public List<QuoteProvider> findAllQuoteProviders();


public interface MongoQuoteRepository extends QuoteRepository, MongoRepository<QuoteProvider, String> {

    @Query("findAll") // What should this be?
    public List<QuoteProvider> findAllQuoteProviders();
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I can't test at the moment, but since it as far as I know has the same query syntax as find(), this should work to get all entries without a condition;

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