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Task: We are validating the data in 2 different tables (of same structure). We tried to use the checksum function on the records for this.

Problem: The records in the table are same. But when we use the checksum(*), it gives different CheckSum.

SELECT statusName,CheckSum(*) from OrderStatus

If i calculate the checksum, excluding the DateTime column, it gives the same value in both tables.

SELECT statusName,CheckSum(StatusName,CreatedByUser,ModifiedByUser) from OrderStatus

Columns in Tables: StatusName,CreatedByUser,ModifiedByUser,CreatedDateTime,LastModifiedTime

How to resolve this, by including the datetime column.

Any help is appreciated!!!!

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Have you verified that the DateTime values are actually the same between the matching records of the two tables? –  Esoteric Screen Name Jan 15 '13 at 18:42
Yes. I copied some data from source to destination, to validate the query.So the data in destination is exact replica of source. –  Anusha Jan 15 '13 at 18:46

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For a checksum, the order of the columns makes a difference.

Replace the * in the first query with the exact same list of columns. CheckSum should work on date and datetimes.

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It appears to be working for me. Here is the SQL Fiddle.

I suspect something is off with your DateTime columns -- run this to see if anything is different:

FROM OrderStatus OS1
LEFT JOIN OrderStatus OS2 ON OS1.CreatedDateTime = OS2.CreatedDateTime AND OS1.LastModifiedTime=OS2.LastModifiedTime
WHERE OS2.LastModifiedTime IS NULL
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Try this:

SELECT statusName,
from OrderStatus
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