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In Opa, it is possible to partially apply functions. However, I would like to supply a function with all its arguments, and return a function taking no arguments. For example:

function make-thunk(f, a) { function() { f(a) } }

The code above works fine, but it has one problem: It is only suited for functions taking exactly one argument. I am curious whether it is possible in Opa to make the above more generic, so the function can be used for functions of arbitrary arity.

I was unable to find information about apply- (scheme) or call- (prolog) like functions on the Opa API, forum, IRC, Github or SO, so here I am hoping I missed something, somewhere. ;-) (There were some traces of an @lazy keyword, but no explanation or documentation so I didn't keep a reference, sorry.)

To further clarify / illustrate: If Opa were scheme, I'd write the following code:

(define (make-thunk f . args)
  (lambda () (apply f args)))
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If you want to pass an arbitrary number of arguments to make-thunk then you have to use a tuple:

function f((a,b,c)) {

args = ("a","b","c")
make-thunk(f, args)

Btw, where did you find mentions to @lazy?

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@lazy was probably mentioned on IRC, as I don't find relevant links in my browser history :-) –  rdewaele Jan 20 '13 at 13:18

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