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I have a MySQL table that keeps records of users that answered a question, with the number of trials. It's like:

username trials
-------- ------
user1    10
user2    7
user1    20

etc. From which I can calculate how many times they answered a question (COUNT). and now I want to calculate average number of trials, i.e. get the following table:

username avg
-------- ---
user1    15
user2    7

I've tried this query:

SELECT(a.totalguess/b.totalknow) as avg FROM( SELECT username, SUM(trials) AS totalguess FROM thetable GROUP BY username) a, (SELECT username, COUNT(*) as totalknow FROM thetable GROUP BY username)b WHERE a.username=b.username;

and it gave only


pretty close! but without the knowers. I could probably combine them with php, but I want a pure MySQL solution. So what should I do? Thanks in advance!

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A simple query (with no inline views) using expression AVG(trials) would be the most efficient way return this result set. See the answer (+1!) from dnagirl. Note that MySQL is going to materialize any inline views as intermediate ("derived") MyISAM tables, and then run the outer query against the "derived" tables, which can be a performance issue with large sets. – spencer7593 Jan 15 '13 at 19:12

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SELECT a.knower, (a.totalguess/b.totalknow) as avg 
FROM (SELECT knower, SUM(trials) AS totalguess FROM thetable GROUP BY knower) a, 
     (SELECT knower, COUNT(*) as totalknow FROM thetable GROUP BY knower)b 
WHERE a.knower=b.knower;

or simply:

SELECT knower, SUM(trials)/COUNT(*) as avg -- or you can just use AVG(trials)
FROM thetable 
GROUP BY knower
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I tried pretty much the same, but with 2 SELECT's at the beginning :) thank you very much! p.s.: I will be able to accept this answer in 9 minutes. – marvin Jan 15 '13 at 19:04
@marvin no problem, glad I can help! – Bassam Mehanni Jan 15 '13 at 19:04
SELECT username as knower, AVG(trials) as theavg
FROM mytable
GROUP BY username

will give you this:

knower, theavg

user1, 15
user2, 7
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You can do this in one query:

      SELECT knower, SUM(trials)/count(*)
      from thetable
      group by knower
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Your initial SELECT statement determines what columns will be returned. Right now you have

SELECT(a.totalguess/b.totalknow) as avg FROM ...

So you will only get one column called "avg" back. So add the knower to your select list.

SELECT a.knower as knower,
       (a.totalguess/b.totalknow) as avg
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SELECT knower, AVG(trials) FROM thetable GROUP BY knower
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why are you doing AVG(COUNT(trials)) instead of AVG(trials)? For user1, the count of trials is 2. The average would therefore be 2/2=1 – dnagirl Jan 15 '13 at 19:11
@dnagirl Because I misunderstood the question. Answer updated accordingly, thanks for the catch! – Dan Sullivan Jan 15 '13 at 19:15

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