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I am trying to set up my Magento Store (which is currently installed at my cloud hosting server) in local MAMP Server. I want to develop it from now on on my local machine and to push changes using git to the one on my server. I've git cloned my git repository in my htdocs folder. Afterwards I have open MAMP, but I am not able to open my Shop locally using: localhost:8888/my_shop. Every time I run this, Chrome is linking to my Domain on which my Shop is currently running online. How can I solve this? Do I need to change the:


and the


on core_config_data in my database? If yes, to which URL should I change these, to localhost:8888/my_shop?

Thank you!

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Try instead of localhost. – pspahn Jan 15 '13 at 19:11
Still the same problem :/ – Kevin Katzke Jan 15 '13 at 19:27
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You can run a query like this to do this for you in all relevant places, especially if you are running multiple websites or stores under same domain. Replace field_name and URLs with actual data (if i recall correctly field_name is value)

UPDATE core_config_data set field_name = replace(field_name, 'http://live.url', 'http://local.url') WHERE field_name LIKE 'http://live.url%';
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That is correct, change those values to localhost:8888/my_shop. Magento will try to resolve to those URLs in core_config_data - just make sure to change these back once you deploy! This is assuming that you are not sharing a database with your production server and have a local copy of it running on your machine.

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