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I would like to write simple extension for chrome browser, but I can't find good tutorial how to even start this journey. Could anybody give me some recommendation? website, blog ?

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This article was a good start for me http://www.jefvlamings.com/blog/chrome-extensions-for-dummies/ although some informations are outdated, but you can still refer to the following page of the documentation to see the most recent changes http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tut_migration_to_manifest_v2.html

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Have a look at the "getting started" page to the official developer page for Google Chrome


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Google's own tutorial (because there's just the one) is laughably bad, which is why I've spent weeks churning the web, trying to find something useful. –  Wayne Smallman Apr 10 '14 at 8:28

Start simple. And I mean REALLY simple.


Then move on to other tutorials, maybe even Google's -- but not until you've learned HTML and JavaScript.

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