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I am configuring the system tray icons with the following code:

 * Configura os ícones da shell principal
protected void setDiplayIcons(Shell shell){
    Display display = shell.getDisplay();
    InputStream inputImgTray = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(ImagensNaNOffline.IMG_LOGO_SEBRAE.getPath());
    Image image = new Image(display, inputImgTray);

    Tray tray = display.getSystemTray();

    final ToolTip tip = new ToolTip(shell, SWT.BALLOON | SWT.ICON_INFORMATION);
    tip.setMessage("Balloon Message Goes Here!");
    if(tray != null) {
        TrayItem trayItem = new TrayItem(tray, SWT.NONE);
        tip.setText("Balloon Title goes here.");
        final Menu menu = new Menu(shell, SWT.POP_UP);
        MenuItem menuItem = new MenuItem(menu, SWT.PUSH);
        menuItem.setText("Button A");
        menuItem = new MenuItem(menu, SWT.PUSH);
        menuItem.setText("Button B");
        menuItem = new MenuItem(menu, SWT.PUSH);
        menuItem.setText("Show Tooltip");
        menuItem.addListener (SWT.Selection, new Listener () {          
            public void handleEvent (Event e) {
        trayItem.addListener (SWT.MenuDetect, new Listener () {
            public void handleEvent (Event event) {
                menu.setVisible (true);


The tray are set OK but the STRING "SWT" is appearing in the side of Tray Icon as a label.

System is Fedora Core 17 (GNOME).

It is a platform issue or is there a way to change the text?

Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

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Can you add a screenshot? – Baz Jan 15 '13 at 20:59
I do not have permission to add screenshot. But on Gnome system tray when I run inside eclipse the following happens: [IMG TRAY] SWT – davidfdr Jan 16 '13 at 12:29
Yes, I know. Just upload it somewhere else and post the link. Then I can include it here. – Baz Jan 16 '13 at 12:45
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You have a misconception about Gnome 3.x. The system tray is located on the bottom right corner and works fine with the supplied code example. So the "SWT" is located in your application title bar; the menu shown is the application menu with a quit menu item inserted by default.

Your screenshot shows the upper left corner of the desktop. "SWT" is a default fallback value of applications created with SWT. Whilst testing I was suprised that it doesn't correspond to the title of the (active) window. I suppose this is a bug. Technical details on how the application title is determined can be found in this question (Python and PyGTK; some external references): How to set application title in Gnome Shell?

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+1 for the informative link. – Baz Jan 17 '13 at 9:01 has the screenshot of the gnome system tray. I saw this happening with Pentaho Data Integration Spoon (ETL tool built using swt + jface + eclipse forms). – davidfdr Jan 17 '13 at 12:06
It's possibly the same issue. Please crop screenshots before uploading. System tray - not two screen desktop on full resolution. – phineas Jan 17 '13 at 13:20

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