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I have a string of data..

This is a template body for  &lt&ltApproved&gt&gt &lt&ltSubmitted&gt&gt

I want to replace "&lt" with "<<" and "&gt" with ">>"

To replace "&lt" I wrote this code..

 var body = $('#txtHSliderl').val().replace("&lt", "<<");

But it only seems to replace the first occurance..

This is a template body for  <<&ltApproved&gt&gt &lt&ltSubmitted&gt&gt

How do I replace all occurances?

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Are you generating those &lt and &gt? – Alexander Jan 15 '13 at 19:52
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var body = $('#txtHSliderl').val().replace(/&lt/g, "<<");
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whats the "g" stand for? – Nick LaMarca Jan 15 '13 at 19:52
global, it means it will match the regular expression multiple times rather than just the first occurence. – jefffan24 Jan 15 '13 at 19:52

You need to use a regular expression, so that you can specify the global (g) flag:

 var body = $('#txtHSliderl').val().replace(/&lt/g, "<<");
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just use g like as below

 var body = $('#txtHSliderl').val().replace(/&lt/g, "<<").replace(/&gt/g, ">>");

as you want to replace woth &lt and &gt in your value so you have to applied mathod twice

g is used in this function i.e. replace to replace all occurance of given string instace.

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