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I want to calculate a string, which I'm doing by this:

NSExpression *expression = [NSExpression expressionWithFormat:calculationString];
float result = [[expression expressionValueWithObject:nil context:nil] floatValue];
NSLog(@"%f", result);

The problem is, when calculationstring is 1/2, the result is 0. I tried to change float with double and NSNumber and the %f to %f and %@, but I always just get 0. What to I have to change?

Also if it matters, I am in Europe, so I have commas instead of points for this value, but it shouldn't matter as I am logging with %f which shows it as points. Just for information

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Typing in NSExpression is much like in C: literals that look like integers (no decimal point/comma) are treated as integers and thus use integer division. (Under integer division, 1/2 is zero. If you want 0.5, you need floating point division.) This happens when the expression is parsed and evaluated, so attempting to change the type of the result or the formatting of the output has no effect -- those things happen after parsing and evaluation.

If your calculationString is entirely under your control, it's easy to make sure that you use floating point literals anywhere you want floating point division. (That is, use 1.0/2 instead of 1/2.) If not, you'll need to change it such that it does -- here it's probably better to decompose the parsed NSExpression and change an operand rather than munge the string.

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So should we modify the string to contain decimal point? Is that the only way? –  Dinesh Aug 7 '14 at 15:57

Basically, you just need to tell it that you are performing floating point operation,


Will all work

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I think You need to User DDMathParser Which is best in this situation. I have used it in One of my project which is facing same problem as you have faced

DDMathEvaluator *eval = [DDMathEvaluator defaultMathEvaluator]; id value=[eval evaluateString:@"1/2" withSubstitutions:nil error:&error]; NSLog(@"Result %@",value); Result 0.5

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