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I'm using Yahoo Finance Api to extract stockrates. To find the symbols using Yahoo Finance - but oddly a few of the symbols that Yahoo presents, doesn't return any data when using the API?!

Here are a few examples (Try looking them up with the above url):


But when trying to extract data. The symbol seems to be unknown.


Using the YQL, it says "Unknown ticker symbol"

YQL Example

Why o' why?

Thanks in advance

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I would not use the yahoo YQL, but rather their older web-service that returns a CSV. I have an open-source plugin on Grails framework called yahoofinance that gets stock data from yahoo finance. I tested your stock symbols and it does return a response but like I said since these particular stocks have very low trading data, the data returned is mostly 0.0 and N/A

Try using the yahoo web-services (using example symbol)


-> f=snl1d1t1cc1p2pohgvmlt7a2ba, represents the statistics you are requesting.

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