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I am attempting to show a div (#home-landing) on the home page of a site for the initial visit to the website. For all subsequent visits to the home page during the same session I would like #home-landing to be set to display:none;.

I found some code on stackoverflow for hiding a div after the first 5 visits of a visitor, but it is spread out across different sessions.

if (!$.cookie('visits')) {
  $.cookie('visits', 1, {
    expires: 30
$.cookie('visits', (parseInt($.cookie('visits')) + 1), {
  expires: 30
//will expire after 30 days
var overlayContact = function () {
  if (parseInt($.cookie('visits')) < 5) {
setTimeout(overlayContact, 180000);

How would I write the code so that this could be accomplished?

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"it is spread out across different sessions," I bet you are using a single browser :) –  Alexander Jan 15 '13 at 20:36
@Alexander haha - no. I wish it was that simple. I run multiple browers on dev and I reset (clear cache, cookies, etc.) before testing. –  Jeremy Crane Jan 16 '13 at 18:29
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