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In Windows Forms, when I position a label control at Y=0 inside a groupbox, then the label intersects with the title text on top of the groupbox.

How can I get the usable area within the Groupbox, i.e. the are that's not obstructed by the title text of the box?

Setting control.Y = groupBox.Padding.Top doesn't work. And Groupbox.ClientRectangle doesn't take the text into account either.


Edit: There is an easy hack to get that inner rectangle: Simply position one Labelin the GroupBox, and set it's Dock property to Fill. Then you can get the relevant information (Top/Bottom/Left/Right) from the Panel, or simply use the panel directly to add your child controls. However, I'd still like to know how to get those coordinates without such hacks.

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There's no property for this, it is always eyeballed in the designer. You'll need to measure the text height yourself, TextRenderer.MeasureText(). –  Hans Passant Jan 15 '13 at 20:57
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Try using the DisplayRectangle property:

The DisplayRectangle property returns the client rectangle of the display area of the control. For the base control class, this is equal to the client rectangle. However, inheriting controls might want to change this if their client area differs from their display area. The display rectangle is the smallest Rectangle that encloses a control and is used to lay out controls.


label1.Location = groupBox1.DisplayRectangle.Location;
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