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I'm struggling at solving a little problem that I posed to myself. I know that on SO are plenty of questions concerning jquerys animation() method, but I do not find any similiar question. In a contrary case, please excuse me.

First of all, how it should work:

I have ten divs, which should be animated in their width each individously. After that animation has been concluded, some text should be written in it fading in.

This divs got the id userBar1, ..., userBar10. I tried to solve it with the callback method

for(var i=0; i<barLengths.length; i++){
    var length = barLengths[i];
    $("#userBar"+(i+1)).animate({width: length+"px"}, function(){
        var t = new Number(usValues[i]).toFixed(2);

whereas barLengths is an Array containing the widths the bars should be animated to. This results in no text appending into the divs. Same thing when using text(...). If I don't put the writing into the divs into the callback method, everything works, but the text is already visible at the beginning of the animation.

Check this fiddle. As you see, the first ten bars are animated well, but no text is appended. For the others same thing, but the text is appended to early. How can I solve this properly including the fade in of the text? Is it even possible to fade in the text without wrapping it into another div?

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Fixed: http://jsfiddle.net/Vj8hy/2/

Fading in the text can't be a $.animate callback inside a for loop.

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One more edit: jsfiddle.net/Vj8hy/3 – Mooseman Jan 15 '13 at 20:54

Change this bit

$(this).animate({width: lengths[i]+"px"}, function(){
  console.log("#bar"+(i+1));// same thing with text()


and you should be good. Though the fade will require an extra div, etc.


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You need to add an element, text nodes cannot be animated.

(function go(i) {
   $("#bar"+(i+1)).animate({width: lengths[i]+"px"}, function(){
      if (i < lengths.length) go(i+1);


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The reason your example is not working is that i is not in scope in the callback function. You could loop again in that callback function, but the other posters are correct, the fadein effect will need another div.


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