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I am producing an online service that has a very popular competitor that provides a downloadable software.

I would really like for users to be able to import from their softwares save files into my system but I do not know where to start reading this file.

I have tried to find a guide but I am obviously lacking some terminology as my searches don't get me anywhere.

Can anyone suggest a starting point or a direction for my research?

Many thanks

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You could email the company and ask for the specifications. If that doesn't work, an you're not able to find them online, you may have to pull out your favorite hexadecimal editor and see if you can figure out the file on your own. If they use any form of compression or encryption on the file, that will make things much more difficult.

If using a hex editor doesn't work (e.g. due to compression, encryption, or complexity), then you may have to resort to using something like Olly Debugger, which will allow you to single step, set breakpoints, and view the assembly of their program. Once you are doing that, you could step to the point where it creates and writes the file. That will allow you to see exactly what it does to create the file (though, that would require a decent knowledge of assembly language).

Other than that, I can't really be more specific without knowing more details about the file.

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I opened up their file in a hex editor but really did not have a clue what I was looking at. I guess the save file contains a few images, some text files and an XML file with additional data. What book/topic should I read first to figure this all out? – Guerrilla Jan 15 '13 at 22:55

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