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I'm developing a context menu-based utility for Windows (7, currently), but I'm having some issues.

As you probably know, to create a context menu for files and/or folders, you must, respectively, create keys in:

  1. HKCR\*\Shell\
  2. HKCR\Directory\Shell\



  1. When right-clicking on ZIP files, the folder context menu is appearing, when I would like the file context menu.
  2. The file context menu for URL files only appears when interacted with from within a Library, as you can see here:

    Non-Library interaction enter image description here

    Library interaction enter image description here

  3. Context menu commands for LNK files only get executed when interacted with from within a Library
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Creating the verb in `HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\Shell` fixes the weird Library behavior, but it's not a fix, as I need different file and folder sub commands. Can anyone work off of that? –  mythofechelon Jan 16 '13 at 0:07
It's been a while since I messed around with shell extensions, but don't you get the list of objects for which to build your menu? Can't you just examine them and build your menu appropriately? –  Luke Jan 16 '13 at 16:12

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