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I know there are a lot of post about this, but i've been looking to do this all day. What i try to acheive here is to click on a row in a GridView, then bring the page to scroll to that position, like an anchor in html would do.

This, is my link that i'll use to scroll. I call a function in my js file. This is in my GridView.

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" OnClientClick="window.scrollTo(0, GetPosition(this))" CommandName="select" ID="InkSelect" Text="SELECT" />

Then, i call this function in my js file, linked like this, just in case:

<script type="text/javascript" src="~js/monjs.js"></script>

In monjs.js, here is the function:

function GetPosition(element) {
var top = 0;
var e = document.getElementById(element);
while (e.offsetParent != undefined && e.offsetParent != null) {
    top += e.offsetTop + (e.clientTop != null ? e.clientTop : 0);
    e = e.offsetParent;
return top;}

And Visual studio is highlighting this line:

...... <a onclick="window.scrollTo(0, GetPosition(this));" .....

I tried many other way to do this, registering a script in the vb file, hardcoding window.scrollTo(0,100) in the onclick attribute, i'm out of ideas. I tried row.focus, don't mention this one. Thanks. enter image description here

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NITPICK: e is a variable that is normally used for exceptions or event objects. Most developers will use elem, element, or anchor for what you are doing. – epascarello Jan 15 '13 at 21:57
 <a onclick="window.scrollTo(0, GetPosition(this));" 
                                            An Object    
function GetPosition(element) {
    var top = 0;
    var e = document.getElementById(element);
                                Expecting a string

You are passing in an object and acting like it is a string.

var e = document.getElementById(element);

needs to be

var e = element;

If your function needs to handle both an object or a string, you can either pass in this.id with the onclick handler

OnClientClick="window.scrollTo(0, GetPosition(this.id))"

or do a typeof check.

 var e = typpeof element === "string" ? document.getElementById(element) : element;
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Thanks for your answer. I can't get this to work tho. I'm getting the same error, on the same line. I tried the typeof, and sending this.id but none worked. I was wondering, in my aspx file, i placed my window.scrollTo into a OnClientClick, on runtime, the error is given in a onclick. Just wasking if this might be related or is it because of the select command. – Sophie Jan 16 '13 at 14:08
And i tried to use OnClientClick="window.scrollTo(0, 200)" and it works perfectly fine... and i tried to remove the parameter OnClientClick="window.scrollTo(0, GetPosition())" and this triggers the error too. I am following this article to get this to work link – Sophie Jan 16 '13 at 14:24
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ok I managed to do something. AFter many many tries... i used this in my aspx file:

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" OnClientClick="return Move(this);" CommandName="select" ID="_row" Text="SELECT" />

In my aspx.vb file, i used this in my page load function:

Dim myScriptName As String = "MovePageScript"
    If (Not ClientScript.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered(Page.GetType(), myScriptName)) Then
        Dim myScript As New StringBuilder()
        myScript.Append("<script type=""text/javascript""> function Move(element) {")
        myScript.Append("var top = 0;")
        myScript.Append("var e = typeof element === 'string' ? document.getElementById(element) : element;")
        myScript.Append("while (e.offsetParent != undefined && e.offsetParent != null) {")
        myScript.Append("top += e.offsetTop + (e.clientTop != null ? e.clientTop : 0);")
        myScript.Append("e = e.offsetParent; }")
        myScript.Append("window.scrollTo(0, top);")
        myScript.Append("return false;")
        myScript.Append("} </script>")
        ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page.GetType(), myScriptName, myScript.ToString(), False)
    End If

And used this in my web.config file:

<pages maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack="true">

It cancels the selection of the row but at least it works... I'll have to check now if I can get this to work with Telerik's Ragrid XD

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