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I have the following row names in my data:


I can split these rownames with the following command:

strsplit(rownames(my_data),split= "\\.")

and get the list:

[1] "column_01" "1"   

[1] "column_01" "2"   

[1] "column_01" "3"


But since I want characters out of the first part and completely discard the second part, like this:


I have run out of tricks to extract only this part of the information. I've tried some options with unlist() and as.data.frame(), but no luck. Or is there an easier way to split the strings? I do not want to use as.character(substring(rownames(my_data),1,9)) as the location of the "." can change (while it would work for this example).

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Another approach is using the colsplit function in the reshape2 package. –  Brian Diggs Jan 15 '13 at 22:37
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You can map [ to get the first elements:

sapply(strsplit(rownames(my_data),split= "\\."),'[',1)

...or (better) use regular expressions:


(translation: find all matches of (dot-character, something, end-of-string) and replace with empty string)

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Since I like the stringr package, I thought I'd throw this out there:

str_replace(rownames(my_data), "(^column_.+)\\.\\d+", "\\1")

(I'm not great with regex so the ^ might be better outside the parenthesis)

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