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I have some strings which can be in the following format

sometext moretext 01 text
text sometext moretext 002
text text 1 (somemoretext)

I want to split these strings into following: text before the number and the number

For example: text text 1 (somemoretext)
When split will output:
text = text text
number = 1

Anything after the number can be discarded

Have read up about using regular expressions and maybe using preg_match or preg_split but am lost when it comes to the regular expression part

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preg_match_all('/[^\d]+/', $string, $textMatch);
preg_match('/\d+/', $string, $numMatch);

$text = $textMatch[0];
$num = $numMatch[0];

See it here in action:

Alternatively, you can use preg_match_all with capture groups to do it all in one shot:

preg_match_all('/^([^\d]+)(\d+)/', $string, $match);

$text = $match[1][0];
$num = $match[2][0];

See it here in action:

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Thank you for the quick answer. Didn't realise it was so easy. – user1981823 Jan 15 '13 at 22:31
@user1981823 - Everything is easy once you know how to do it ;) – Joseph Silber Jan 15 '13 at 22:57

Use preg_match_all() + if you wish to match every line use m modifier:

$string = 'sometext moretext 01 text
text sometext moretext 002
text text 1 (somemoretext)
preg_match_all('~^(.*?)(\d+)~m', $string, $matches);

All your results are in $matches array, which looks like this:

    [0] => Array
            [0] => sometext moretext 01
            [1] => text sometext moretext 002
            [2] => text text 1
    [1] => Array
            [0] => sometext moretext 
            [1] => text sometext moretext 
            [2] => text text 
    [2] => Array
            [0] => 01
            [1] => 002
            [2] => 1

Output example:

foreach ($matches[1] as $k => $text) {
    $int = $matches[2][$k];
    echo "$text => $int\n";
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