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Good day,

I have setup my http-vhosts.conf as follows:

Server name: aserv.domain.com directory: /htdocs

Server 2 name: bserv.domain.com directory: /htdocs/bserv

So essentially server 2 can be accessed like: aserv.domain.com/bserv.

when going to bserv.domain.com the display is plain html without css formatting and images. Yet when i go to aserv.domain.com/bserv, the site displays with correct formatting, css and images. Furthermore functions such as logging in do not work when accesssing from bserv.domain.com are working from aserv.domain.com/bserv.

Sorry for being long winded, the problem persists even if I change the directory of server 2 to outside htdocs. eg. /htdocs2.

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My apologies for the vague question, I managed to solve this problem by changing the default directory in the config.php file.

I changed the relative path to the URL: bserv.domain.com

This would be useful to other implementing an open source web solution and that are missing formatting, css and images.

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