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I have a checkbox in my JSP page that accepts integer values:

<form:checkbox path="somePath" value="2" /> Dangerous Checkbox <br />

If the user changes the value of the input to a String value, e.g.:

<form:checkbox path="somePath" value="blah" /> Dangerous Checkbox <br />

the page will throw a NumberFormatException. How can I catch this in my Controller and show a meaningful message?

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you can use JSTL's c:catch tag:

<c:catch var ="numberFormatException">
<form:checkbox path="somePath" value="blah" /> Dangerous Checkbox <br />

<c:if test = "${numberFormatException!= null}">
   <p>The exception is : ${numberFormatException} <br />
   There is an exception: ${numberFormatException.message}</p>
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Awesome! I browsed for so long and nothing turned up. Stackoverflow surpasses google :D Thanks. –  th3an0maly Jan 15 '13 at 23:02
Btw, is there any way I can feed this into the BindingResult variable? –  th3an0maly Jan 15 '13 at 23:02

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