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Our PowerShell script is giving an error:

Method invocation failed because [System.Object[]] doesn't contain a method named op_Addition'

I am programming a "Four-in-a-row" game, so it has to check if the game contains a four-in-a-row.

This is a piece of my code that checks for a winner:

function winner{

        $spelbordd = @()
        $spelbordd += ,@($A10,$B10,$C10,$D10,$E10,$F10,$G10,$H10,$I10,$J10)  
        $spelbordd += ,@($A9,$B9,$C9,$D9,$E9,$F9,$G9,$H9,$I9,$J9) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A8,$B8,$C8,$D8,$E8,$F8,$G8,$H8,$I8,$J8) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A7,$B7,$C7,$D7,$E7,$F7,$G7,$H7,$I7,$J7) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A6,$B6,$C6,$D6,$E6,$F6,$G6,$H6,$I6,$J6) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A5,$B5,$C5,$D5,$E5,$F5,$G5,$H5,$I5,$J5) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A4,$B4,$C4,$D4,$E4,$F4,$G4,$H4,$I4,$J4) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A3,$B3,$C3,$D3,$E3,$F3,$G3,$H3,$I3,$J3) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A2,$B2,$C2,$D2,$E2,$F2,$G2,$H2,$I2,$J2) 
        $spelbordd += ,@($A1,$B1,$C1,$D1,$E1,$F1,$G1,$H1,$I1,$J1)

        for([int]$i=0; $i -lt 9; $i++){
    if($i -le 5){
        for([int]$r=0; $r -lt 9; $r++){
            if($spelbordd[$i, $r] -and $spelbordd[$i+1, $r] -and $spelbordd[$i+2,$r] -and $spelbordd[$i+3]){
                $winner = $player
    for([int]$r=0; $r -le 5; $r++){
        for([int]$j=0; $j -lt 9; $j++){
            if($spelbordd[$r,$j] -and $spelbordd[$r+1,$j] -and $spelbordd[$r+2,$j] -and $spelbordd[$r+3,$k]){
                $winner = $player


What is wrong? I have spent hours of searching on Google, but I can not find a specific answer.

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I think you are misunderstanding how to access the elements of your 2-dimenstional array. When you say:

$spelbordd[$i, $r]

you are saying, give me the elements at $i and at $r, which returns 2 arrays (the 2nd dimension). To access the element at row $i and column $r use:

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It is giving an error like: "index operation failed the array index evaluated to null" –  user1981919 Jan 16 '13 at 13:23
@user1981919 You've got an undefined $k in there: $spelbordd[$r+3,$k] that's probably what's evaluating to null. –  zdan Jan 16 '13 at 18:13

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